#DRINKDIFFERENT this 4th of July

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Snoop and Cuca Fresca invite you to bring something new to your 4th of July BBQ this weekend. Cuca Fresca has created their special “Rebel Punch”, a refreshing cocktail that is sure to be the hit of the party. To make it even sweeter, you can order your bottles of Cuca Fresca for 20% off until Saturday, using the code “SNOOP4TH” on their site. Check out the recipe below and enjoy a responsible weekend with friends, family, and a refreshing Cuca Fresca cocktail!

2oz Ready-to-Drink Cuca Fresca
1/2oz Cuca Fresca Gold
1 1/2oz Fruit punch
1/2oz Coconut water with pineapple

Get your discount on Cuca Fresca today- http://bit.ly/snoopcachaca