Snoop Dogg Presents: Mouse Trap – Full Movie

Snoop Dogg’s highly anticipated indie film, Mouse Trap, is now available to watch for everyone on Westfest TV. Watch the full movie right here, right now!  


Snoop Dogg Presents ‘Take Flight Onsight’

Watch Snoop Dogg’s newest rap battle show, Take Flight Onsight.  Contestants are notified only 24-48 hours in advance to prepare for their rap battle then have to go head to head. Watch it all go down only on Westfest TV....


#DRINKDIFFERENT this 4th of July

Snoop and Cuca Fresca invite you to bring something new to your 4th of July BBQ this weekend. Cuca Fresca has created their special “Rebel Punch”, a refreshing cocktail that is sure to be the hit of the party. To make...


Super Troopers on Snoop’s GGN

Meow it’s the Super Troopers turn to turn up on GGN. Comedy team Broken Lizard stops by to talk about recent support for the their upcoming sequel to the cult classic Super Troopers. All this and more on this week’s...


Michael Rapaport on Snoop’s GGN

Today on GGN, the one and only Michael Rapaport stops by and describes bearing witness to the first time Snoop and Pac met. All this and more on this week’s GGN… u-bitch-u!!! Make sure you check out the “I Am...


Celebrate International Cachaca Day with Cuca Fresca

Today is known around the world as International Cachaca Day. To celebrate, Snoop and Cuca Fresca Premium Cachaca are teaming up to give you the ultimate Summer Cocktail Set. Enter to win the ultimate cocktail making kit, including your favorite flavor...