Mike Epps & Deon Taylor on Snoop’s GGN

Everyones favorite ‘hood’ news show is back on MERRY JANE. This week on GGN Uncle Snoop sits down with Mike Epps and Director Deon Taylor, the brains behind the new movie Meet the Blacks hitting theaters April 1.

If you’re a fan of comedy you’re going to want to see Meet the Blacks. In this week’s interview, Taylor tells Snoop the hilarious story behind his idea for the film, which came to him one day as he was walking his dog. Taylor said he thought it would be hilarious if a black family had to live through one of his favorite horror movies The Purge.

The film took off from there, but it took six months for Taylor and his team to find a comedian to star as the lead role of the film.

Taylor had Epps in mind and flew to his show and met up with him backstage to fill him in on the project.

With a little convincing, Taylor got Epps to join the cast and invest in the independent film, which will open in 1500 theaters on April 1, a huge accomplishment.

In addition to Epps, stars of the film include comic greats like Mike Tyson, George Lopez, and Charlie Murphy.

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